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Can we trust ELM?

People are rightly cautious about sending money to organizations they do not know and we understand that trust has to be earned, but it is our sincere hope that the values for which Edward and Maymay have become known, supported by Laura and Daddy Kevin, will give you confidence that your donations are in safe hands. In addition, we wish to give the following assurances:

It is our sincere intention that 100% of amounts donated to the ELM Tree Foundation will be passed on to eligible recipients, i.e. there will be no deduction for administrative costs.  Administrative and accounting matters are being handled by Mr. Dexter Ortega, CPA, of Tagnia, Ortega and Partners, Makati.

Compliance with legal requirements will be ensured by the board of trustees.  We are in the process of establishing an additional board of advisors, whose names will be announced in the coming weeks, to assist us in making donation decisions.

We will be completely transparent about how monies entrusted to us are distributed. 

This website is being developed by a dedicated team working together pro bono, even while in different countries and in different time zones. It will evolve over time because the members are busy professionals,  who are helping us with whatever time they have available. They have grown to know and love MayWard and believe in their values and in our mission and vision. All four of us, Edward, Maymay, Laura and Daddy Kevin,  sincerely appreciate them and thank them for all they do.

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